Probabilistic and Inferential Aspects of Skew-Symmetric Models A Workshop in Honour of Adelchi Azzalini's 60th Birthday
Departamento de Estadística
Facultad de Matemáticas

IV Skew Workshop

May 16th to May 19th, 2011


1.  Andrea Callegaro

University of Padua, Italy

Multivariate Cox PH model with log-skew-normal frailties

2. Mohsen Pourahmadi

Texas A& M University

(Robustness), Sparsity and Skewness in High-Dimensional Data

Joint work with Lianfu Chen


3. Josemar Rodrigues

Universidade Federal de Sao Carlos, Brazil

A unified view on lifetime distributions arising from selection mechanisms

Joint work with N. Balakrishnan and Gauss M. Cordeiro